Find a List of Fencing Clubs Near You

Because I maintain a site about Guildford Fencing Club, I often get e-mails along the lines of: "I live in XXX, and I know it's nowhere near Guildford but can you tell me where I can find somewhere nearby to fence?"

Of course, I am happy to try and offer advice; but I do not have much special knowledge outside my own area. Here are some links to useful pages.

Do not forget, if you are near a boundary, to look for clubs in the adjacent region!

[Map of Britain]

The map shows Eire and these regions of British Fencing:

These are the additional pages which are locally maintained:

You may also find details of local clubs in libraries, at local town halls, or in adult education centres. If you can find a local club - even one which does not cater for your standard or age group - they would normally be pleased to put you in touch with their coach, who is likely to know other clubs in the area, even if he does not teach at them himself. Do send a stamped addressed envelope if you enquire by mail!

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